A very special video....

Hello friends!
I hope you'll indulge me with two posts in one day!

Previously, I wrote about my recent trip to the collector's paradise, Angelic Dreamz, and my wonderful visit with owners George Gonzalez and Tim Hoffman.

Now I would like to share a little about George's incredible photo shoot of the Balenciaga collection from Golden Gate Glamour...

Our models for this photo shoot were Gene and friends, and the JAMIEshow ladies.

Gene was happy to share her Golden Gate Glamour wardrobe with her new friends (Madra maybe not so much!). I was pleasantly surprised at how nicely the fashions interchanged between the two. The JAMIEshow dolls added a bit of contemporary edge to the vintage designs.

JAMIEshow dolls are even more stunning in person! And, not only do they look great, but they are easy to handle and pose beautifully! They come with "ball hands" that make tight sleeves a breeze to slide on, and a pair of gracefully sculpted hands that are easy to change out.

Being hair-styling challenged, I was especially delighted to discover how simple it was to change styles with the magnetic wig caps -- and how great the rooted hair looked! I'm excited to say these magnetic wig caps will work with our Golden Gate Glamour Sasha!

The resin bodies, which are beautifully sculpted, felt good in my hands. The dolls held realistic poses well and could often stand on their own when wearing the fabulous JAMIEshow shoes!

It was impossible to pick a favorite sculpt among these beauties, as they all have unique, striking features -- I've been a longtime fan of Sun and Sasha, but now Eshe, Grace and Angelina are right up there, too! It was a cool experience to "play" with these new captivating beauties.

It was such a treat watching George work his magic and photograph the dolls in his studio. The process involves hours of posing dolls, shooting hundreds of photos and fine editing to bring each image to life.

The first time I saw this collection of photographs, it literally brought tears to my eyes. George assembled them all in a very special "Golden Gate Glamour Balenciaga Collection" video.

The Balenciaga collection has been special to me from the beginning, but George's work has elevated it to a different level.

In case you missed seeing it posted, here is George's video presentation once again. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Thank you, George, my friend, for this beautiful gift!