Happy Holidays, Friends!

I hope everyone is enjoying this festive season as much as I am!

I love Christmas-time and all it brings --- glimmering decorations, twinkling lights, sappy television, sentimental cards, and, yes...even crowded malls and corny holiday sweaters! 

But, amid all the festivity and frivolity, it can be a real challenge to keep one's mind on tasks at hand! So, though I enjoy convention planning very much, I decided it would be nice to take a little time off to "recharge" and think about options... 

I've missed the experience of a "real live" doll show with the fellowship of friends all gathering to compare found treasures. Given the opportunity to join a small group of doll buddies from the Ohio/Kentucky area on a weekend bus trip to the legendary Gaithersburg holiday doll show...and to meet a whole busload of new friends in the process...I couldn't resist!  This trip was all I had hoped for, and more! What fun we had!And, predictably, I couldn't leave work behind COMPLETELY, so the treasures I came home with just MAY decorate future convention goodies...

Now that I've piqued your interest...I'm delighted to go a bit further and say that we have decided on a place and date for the 2012 Sandra Stillwell Presents convention! I can't share all details just yet, as contracts are still being finalized, but please save the date, June 6-9, for this not to be missed event! As always, we are working on some very special offsite tours, so you may want to extend your time with us if possible.

If all goes as planned, I hope to make an announcement shortly after the New Year, so, while you're waiting to hear more exciting convention details, be sure to check out the updates here on the Sandra Stillwell Presents blog. For some last minute Christmas shopping, you won't want to miss the refreshed sales pages...where you'll find VERY limited quantities of much sought after fashions. Whether they've been "naughty" or "nice", you're sure to find the perfect holiday treat for even the most discriminating "doll" in your life!

Speaking of "naughty or nice"... I think someone needs to speak to Santa, who has surely gotten me mixed up with someone else on his list this year! Because, though I PROMISE I've been good, my Christmas "surprises" were BOTH my car and computer pooping out within weeks of each other (and thus, my silence lately!! )

In the spirit of making sweet from sour, my "new" ride is a striking, high metallic, candy apple red sleigh of sorts...a retro styled (what else??) 2011 Chevy HHR! The glistening red makes me smile, while THREE Sirius Radio Christmas stations set the mood for festive holiday happenings!

The computer issues have proven to be more challenging, as the selection process can be quite daunting for a non techie such as myself! :) The bright side is that technology has grown leaps and bounds since I bought my last laptop in 2009, and, with any luck, I'll have a nice shiny new, fast as lightening computer to work on soon!

My final thought before closing is how often... especially during this holiday season... I am reminded of one of my favorite songs, "Angels Among Us".  I have been blessed with so many "angels" in my life.

I may not tell you each individually, but just know that whether you have welcomed me into your home, volunteered at or attended one of my conventions, made a purchase, shared a picture of your dolls modeling a Sandra Stillwell Presents design, sent an email to say how much the conventions have meant to you or how much you enjoy the fashions, if you lent an understanding ear, extended a word of encouragement, or reached out to simply say, "Hello, how are you"--you have been an angel to me.

I thank you all for your kindness, your friendship, and for touching my heart -- and wonder if you can ever really know how greatly you've impacted my life.

May each of us have the opportunity to be an "angel" to someone we encounter along the way... whether we realize it or not...

Wishing you all a joyous holiday season filled with love and laughter...

I hope to see you in 2012!