Horsman Replacement Bodies Now Available!

In stock and ready to ship
Horsman has produced the Vita body with a special neck knob to work with Gene heads. Replace your old and discolored bodies! These bodes pose beautifully!
$75 + shipping
To order email dls6643@aol.com
Shown with Gene head

Every Day's A Holiday Farewell Celebration Breakfast

Attendees were treated to a Holiday Farewell Celebration.

The Centerpieces for this morning's event included Gene, Madra & Violet modeling 6 various felt circle skirts.

Every Day is New Years Day

Every Day is Valentines Day

Every Day is St. Patricks Day

Every Day is Easter

Every Day is The 4th of July

Every Day is Halloween

Optional purchase fashions were available.

Enchanted in Green

Attendees received Everyday is Christmas Day as their souvenir gift.

'Twas The Night Before Christmas PJ Party

Attendees were treated to a Christmas Morning PJ Party complete with raffle drawings & a visit from Santa.

The Centerpiece for this event.

Trent in A Visit From St. Nick & Gene in Waiting For St. Nick

Optional purchase fashion were available.

A Visit From St. Nick

Attendees received Waiting For St. Nick as their souvenir gift.

Saturday Night Holiday Gala

Attendees were treated to a Holiday Gala.

The Centerpieces for this evening's event.
Joyeux Noel

Under The Mistletoe
(2) Color Variations

Optional purchase fashions were available.

Yuletide Splendor

Jeweled Ornament
(3) Color Variations

Holiday Jewel
(5) Color Variations

(2) Color Variations

Attendees received  Silver Bells as their souvenir gift.