Thanks, Congrats, and Apologies!

Hi guys!

The past month since the "Golden Age of Doll Couture" convention in Nashville has been full of "life's STUFF"! WHERE has the time gone???

I don't get a chance to post on the boards much these days, but as you can see by my subject line, I have a lot to say this afternoon! LOL!

Last things first! (Nothing like working backwards! LOL!)

Most of you are probably aware that I've been consumed with the frustrating problem of a nasty computer virus the past few weeks! After several false "fixes", I think the problem has finally been remedied. I understand the nasty little bug sent out bogus emails to those in my address book (NO...I'm not selling Viagra!). My deepest apologies for any problems this may have caused any of my friends!

Secondly, I attended the Modern Doll Convention last week. The MDC ladies always do a great job! My favorite part of MDC has always been seeing old friends and a variety of manufacturers, and this year the addition of Expo made it possible to do more of both! It was nice to see so many friendly faces there!

An informal lunch full of fun with Vogue Dolls kicked off the convention. Ginny has long been one of favorite vintage dolls and I'm thrilled Vogue has brought back the "vintage" sculpt for the past few lines. Our favorite 16" fashion doll can even get into the fun by "collecting" little Mini Ginny!

Cissy, another personal favorite "vintage" doll, reigned as the colorful queen featured as the centerpiece at "Venetian Carnivale", the Alexander Doll Company dinner. A diminutive shadow Cissette was presented as souvenir.

A highlight was the Tonner "Hollywood" luncheon and introduction of their "Gowns By Anne Harper" line. I can see the striking costume designer Ann Harper and sultry film actress Carol Barrie both fitting in very well with Gene! In fact...I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Gene "borrowed" their beautiful wardrobes! I especially enjoyed the program presented by Robert Tonner featuring photographs and facts about legendary Hollywood costume designers.

An extra special treat for me was to spend time with the always charming Casey Lalonde, who was at Expo to present a special program on his Grandmother, Joan Crawford, and the Tonner Joan Crawford dolls.

I'm a big fan of the romantic, over the top style of Wilde Imagination's Evangeline Ghastly and Ellowyne Wilde, and their dolls did not disappoint! I enjoyed both events very much...the Tonner/Wilde Imagination team can always be counted on to entertain!

Another personal highlight was the Horsman Urban Vita wine and cheese event, where Design Director Dorinda Balenecki announced the winners of Horsman Doll Company's "Express Yourself "design contest, featuring the multiple face plates of their new Urban Expressions Vita doll. Imagine my delighted surprise to hear Terry Barner and Stacy Leigh, both members of the online doll community, announced as finalists and winners in several categories! Congratulations, Terry and Stacy!

A wonderful surprise for Gene fans was the announcement of a new addition to the Horsman design team...none other than former Gene team designer and friend George Sarofeen!! Oohs and awes could be heard throughout the room when Dorinda showed sneak peak sketches of two of George's vintage styled designs for the upcoming year!

It was a privilege to be present at the Dolls of Excellence Awards breakfast when the always gracious Helen Kish was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. The recipient of this award is voted on by industry members and Helen was the first artist ever to win unanimously! It could not have gone to a more talented or nicer lady....Congratulations Helen!

I was very proud to see some Tonner "travel" dolls attending MDC functions with their owners modeling ensembles from the London Holiday and Salon Appointment gift sets throughout the weekend! I was thrilled to see how beautifully they fit the Tonner body! It was neat to see how others interpreted the mix and match possibilities. The owners kindly directed comments to me...what a great way to meet new collectors! I was truly humbled by the reception the fashions received!

Before closing, I would like to thank everyone who has visited here so far! We've had quite an attendance the past couple of weeks!

An extra big thanks goes to those of you who answered the poll! Your feedback and kind comments about the prototypes have been much appreciated. If you haven't participated, please do!

I'm happy to know you're enjoying the "Sandra Stillwell Presents" blog! I hope you'll visit often!!