Hello Friends!

'Til we meet again... A phrase of love and romance, hope and dreams, anticipation and inspiration... a sentiment of something to look forward to, and one that is truly meaningful for us now!

Thoughts of  “till we meet again” have kept me looking forward throughout the past year -- a reminder of better times to come, kept close to my heart as I worked...
And now, after many months... I am delighted to finally share the excitement of a new fashion collection debut…
Sandra Stillwell Presents... 'TIL WE MEET AGAIN
Sunday, February 14th, 2021
12:00 noon EST
A romance filled collection, ‘TIL WE MEET AGAIN has been created mostly from cherished fabrics tucked away from my travels over the years... new designs with a nod to happy memories from SSP. I hope it brings you as much joy as it has me!
The collection consists of seventeen fashions, some of which are extremely limited. Most fashions are in stock and ready to ship, others are in stock but awaiting accessories, and three are preorder. Order requests are to be emailed to me at dls6643@aol.com and will be filled on 1st come basis.
So, don your velvet slippers, pour yourself some champagne, dig into those chocolates, and prepare to indulge yourself in a bit of romance SSP style… brought to you with love for your favorite doll!!!
We look forward to celebrating with you all on Valentine's Day!
Sandra XX00

Happy New Year

Hello Friends! 

Happy New Year!! Welcome to 2021!!! What a great feeling it is to be able to say those words!  Relieved

And... what greater way to kick off this promising new year than with a small -- but FABULOUS -- SSP "Revisited with a Twist" collection! 

One good thing 2020 brought me was the opportunity to rediscover fabric treasures from past travels that were tucked away, waiting for the perfect design, and the time to "play" with a few designs to add a new twist --  all of which have inspired this mini  "Revisited with a Twist" collection! I hope you love it as much as I do! 

Some are fabrics that were VERY limited and would only make a few pieces -- so please don't hesitate to email if one calls your name! 

The in stock fashions can be shipped next week -- pre-ordered fashions are expected to ship late January. 

Due to reported mail hold ups over the holidays, I held most in stock fashions from from the Christmas offering to be shipped after January 1st -- so we will be able to include in stock fashions from this New Year's collection with the previous collection orders to save shipping costs. 

In closing -- as happy as I am to see 2020 behind us, I can't help but look back through the challenges it brought with a surprising bit of fondness, as those challenges magnified the good things in my life and brought me an even greater passion for loving and living! 

Of course there were times of doubts and concern, as I really had NO IDEA of how SSP would survive 2020...and I have you, my friends, to thank for helping me to work my way through it all. 

Your overwhelming support and enthusiasm for our SSP "Revisited" fashions has been a much needed boost -- both financially and spiritually.

Your beautiful photos and fun posts have been a delight to see! Your heartwarming emails and notes saying how your SSP fashions brought a touch of joy  through uncertainties of 2020 have been truly inspirational!  And your phone calls... what a special treat they have been! 

So...THANK YOU for your friendships, support, and inspiration...

I'm looking forward to 2021 being a good year... with hopes of health, happiness and seeing you all! 




SSP Revisited

Hello, Friends!

Going through a bit of SSP convention and fashion withdrawal?  If so -- I have a little news that just MAY help fill the void!

Many of you participated in the phenomenal SSP week we recently celebrated at the Studio Commissary --  and for those of you who missed it, I highly recommend a visit to the SC to scroll back through the pages of beautiful photos and uplifting posts while they are still on the board! It is a not to be missed trip down memory lane that will surely lift your spirits! 

Thanks to all the fabulous photos shared of SSP fashions, I received several requests for sold out fashions that are featured in the SSP archives!

Armed with notes I made from your "wish list" posts and my ever-present hope to fulfill wishes, I contacted manufacturers to see what, if anything, could be done.... 

As a result, I am THRILLED to say that several fabrics, thought to be exhausted, were discovered in one of the workshops and the manufacturer has agreed to make small quantities of what we believed to be sold out fashions! 

A preorder period will be open for just 10 days and end on September 27th.

Fashions will be reserved on a first come basis, but please understand that we may not be able to fill all requests.

Please do not delay in placing your order, as fabrics are extremely limited -- some may only make 1 or 2 fashions, while others could make 10!    

I am excited to be able to present you with this rare opportunity to possibly find a prized SSP fashion you missed the first time around!

We have set up a new "2020” sales page at the top of the page. 

All the SSP sales pages have been updated including a few found fashions that are once again available (only one of each).

And the search continues for hidden treasures, so do check back!  You never know when you might discover more fashion gems!

I always welcome hearing from you, so please feel free to contact me with any questions or "wish lists" (no promises!) 

As always...THANK YOU for your friendships and continued support of SSP! I miss you all terribly and look forward to being together again in 2021! 



502 377 5153

Sandra Stillwell Presents... 2020 Ambassador of Fashion

Sandra Stillwell Presents:

until 2021
New date will be announced shortly

Gaithersburg, Maryland

Event is SOLD OUT
Accepting names for wait-list and there are a very limited number of
absentee packages available. Email -- dls6643@aol.com

Registration fee for "Ambassador of Fashion" is $565 for attendees who book within our room block and pay in full by cash, check/money order by July 1st. Payments can be worked out on request. After July 1st, a $50 additional fee applies.

•  Registration fee for those not staying at the host hotel is $689.

•  Registration fees are non transferable.

•  A $200 cancellation fee applies to all cancellations prior to June 1st. After June 1st, no refunds will be issued.

Payments should be sent to:

Sandra Stillwell - Ambassador of Fashion
173 N Main
New Haven, KY 40051

Your "Ambassador of Fashion" registration fee includes:

  • An exclusive collection of fashions designed for your "Ambassador of Fashion"- with the perfect twist of elegance and glamour you've come to expect from Sandra Stillwell Presents!
  • Thursday evening opening reception
  • Two breakfast presentations
  • One lunch
  • Two dinners
  • Table gifts
  • Interesting programs and speakers
  • Movie breaks, surprises, raffles, and lots of fashionable dolly fun!!
  • A fabulous group tour on Friday, with beautiful fashions to view, fascinating history tidbits and more!

Hotel Information:

Our host hotel is the Holiday Inn Gaithersburg, at Two Montgomery Village Ave, Gaithersburg, Md 20879
This hotel offers complimentary parking.
The hotel shuttle can be booked for complimentary transportation within a 5-mile radius of the hotel -- including lots of eateries and the train station. 

Our group rate is $122 single/double and $132 triple. This special rate includes breakfast in the hotel restaurant on days that we do not have a convention breakfast function.

Hotel reservations may be made online by calling the hotel at 301-9488900 and asking for the Sandra Stillwell Presents group rate.

For you to enjoy the fascinating history and multitude of interesting things the area has to offer, our group rate has been extended 3 days before and after convention, based on availability. If you need additional nights other than these, please be sure to contact me! There are SO many fun things to experience in the DC area, in addition to the great tours planned that you'll want to come early and stay over, if possible!

The cutoff date for reservations is July 24th -- however, our room block is limited, so I strongly suggest you make hotel reservations as quickly as possible! If rooms are unavailable during any of your choice dates, please contact me asap -- do not book outside our block, as I cannot waive the additional charge (outlined above) for doing so.

The room block is being closely monitored and room types added as necessary, but If you have any issues with the registration process, please don't hesitate to contact me -- I’ll do my best to handle it for you.

Please remember that, in order to keep costs down, it is VERY important to stay at the hotel and book within our group block before, during, and after convention, as your booking helps defray room rental and food and beverage costs, among other things. Your cooperation with this is crucial, and much appreciated!

Train Transportation:

The Gaithersburg MARC train into Washington is less than 2 miles from the hotel. This train will take you directly to Union Station in DC.

Airport and Transportation:

There are three airports within 30 - 40 miles from Gaithersburg -- Ronald Reagan ( DCA), Dulles (IAD), and Baltimore (BWI).

Bus service from BWI to the Park and Ride Gaithersburg stop (only a couple of blocks from the hotel) is $5 each way. https://www.mta.maryland.gov/schedule/201?origin=12461&destination=12835&direction=1&schedule_date=02%2F06%2F2020

There is train service from Ronald Reagan (DCA) Airport to Union Station DC, and Union Station to Gaithersburg.

There is also Uber and Lyft transportation as well as convenient car rentals at each.

Currently, there is no shuttle transportation servicing the airports. I will continue to monitor this and advise you should other options become available.

Convention "Helper" Donations:

A little-known fact about conventions is that registration fees never fully cover expenses, so we’ll once again have "helper" drawings to assist in offsetting extra costs!

Dolls, fashions, accessories, repaints, dolly "spa" days or gift certificates are only a few ideas for helpers! Donations of all types and sizes are welcomed and greatly appreciated -- including "people" prizes your fellow collectors will personally enjoy!

We've had such phenomenal raffle tables the past few years -- and SO much fun drawing for all the "loot" -- let's make it our goal to continue the tradition and have a repeat performance this year!

If you'd like to contribute to the fun -- and help convention at the same time -- please email me!

Table seating, table gifts and special meal needs:

If you have friends you would like to sit with, please submit your request as soon as possible, copying both Michael and me, with "Ambassador of Fashion table seating request" in the subject line. Though we make every effort to honor seating requests, please understand that we cannot always do so.

Because uncertain details factor into table seating, our numbers can vary between 8-10 guests per table and are subject to change at any time.

If you are doing table gifts, please plan for ten -- you can give any extras to friends who aren't seated with you or donate them to be used as door prizes!

We realize that table gifts are a long-time tradition enjoyed by many -- but they can also be a burden for some. We do not want to interfere with any of your fun, so table gifts will be left to the discretion of each individual attendee and/or table -- but please give any such goodies in the fun spirit which they are intended and understand that not everyone will reciprocate.

Please let me know if you have any special food requirements and the hotel will do their best to accommodate them -- also, it's a good idea to follow up right before convention to be sure your special needs have been addressed.

Optional Tours:

There are so many interesting things to see and do in the DC/Baltimore area that we're still narrowing down possibilities!

We will offer not to be missed Thursday and Friday tours, with an additional tour on Sunday if there is enough interest.

Michael and I are excited about what we've experienced so far and are planning still more site visits to research tour options! So, if there is anything in particular you'd like to see or do in the area, please do let me know and we'll do our best to check it out!

In closing -- I want to once again thank each of you for making 2019 such a memorable year for me, personally, and for your ongoing support and enthusiasm for Sandra Stillwell Presents conventions and fashions throughout the years! Convention would not be possible without you all!

I know there are many other fun events planned throughout the year that make a demand on dolly dollars and valuable time -- and am truly honored that you are willing to spend yours to be with us!

We look forward to continuing our traditions of fun, fabulous fashions and wonderful memories with all our SSP Ambassadors in 2020!


Save the date....

Happy Holidays, friends!

The holidays are full of little surprises and delights....

And, this holiday season, we're delighted to bring you this special SSP surprise announcement to....


Sandra Stillwell Presents:

Ambassador of Fashion

August 27th - 30th, 2020

Location and other details will be announced soon, with first opportunity to RSVP extended to our past year attendees, followed shortly by a release to our wait list with an announcement to the general public soon thereafter.

Though space is limited, it is important to SSP to be inclusive -- so we try hard to include as many wait-listers as possible each year, with invitations extended according to position on the list. 

So if you did not attend our Royal Engagement convention and would like to join us in  2020, it is important to send your request to dls6643@aol.com as soon as possible!  

You won't want to miss all the fun and FAB things we have in store for 2020 ...and we would love for YOU to be an SSP "Ambassador"!

With Warmest Thanks for all your support....

RE Sandra Stillwell Presents Boutique

Sue Connor made an amazing display piece of the Sandra Stillwell Presents Boutique. Attendees were greeted with a new display at each meal event. Window displays featured souvenir fashions from past events. 

The boutique has opened for the day and our sales woman has a busy day ahead of her. 

Customers flow in and out and our sales woman shows off the newest design to arrive in to the boutique. 

The boutique is quite hectic with someone getting their coat caught in the revolving door.

Shoes are a popular items with the shoppers. A customer patiently waits as our sales woman checks on a customer in the dressing room who appears to have a problem.

The sales woman gives a fashion show to the boutiques best customers.

At the end of a long day it appears our sales woman had absconded with a fur coat from the boutique as she hails a cab to head home.

It appears in her haste, she has locked in one of the models still dressed in the fashion show finale wedding gown. 

The End

Photos by
Ryan Benitez


RE: The Paper Dress Challenge

Paper Dress Challenge

In a homage to the Pulp Fashion exhibit from the Golden Gate Glamour event in San Francisco, contestants were challenged to make a paper fashion.

Contestants had to use the toilet paper and facial tissues found in their hotel room to create a fashion. This paper was the only medium used to create the outfit, but it could be supplemented with tape or thread and accessorized with shoes, gloves, and jewelry.

Linda Farnsworth

Lori Richard

Megan Szymkowski

Louise Fetcher

Denise Huffman

Sherry Bonner

Melanie Sheler

Judy Richardson

Kim Hayes

Sue Townson

Sue Connor

Ed Haley

Judges Choice Winner
Melanie Sheler

Peoples Choice Winner
Lori Richard

Photos by
Ryan Benitez

RE Sunday Breakfast: Horrockses - Off the Peg

Our closing breakfast featured British ready-to-wear company Horrockses and a presentation by Sandra on the inspirations for her designs featured over the weekend.

The centerpiece featured OFF THE PEG

Attendees received ROYAL STANDARD

Additional items available for purchase/pre-order









Photos/Styling by Michael Basala