Happy Holidays, Friends!

I hope everyone is enjoying this festive season as much as I am!

I love Christmas-time and all it brings --- glimmering decorations, twinkling lights, sappy television, sentimental cards, and, yes...even crowded malls and corny holiday sweaters! 

But, amid all the festivity and frivolity, it can be a real challenge to keep one's mind on tasks at hand! So, though I enjoy convention planning very much, I decided it would be nice to take a little time off to "recharge" and think about options... 

I've missed the experience of a "real live" doll show with the fellowship of friends all gathering to compare found treasures. Given the opportunity to join a small group of doll buddies from the Ohio/Kentucky area on a weekend bus trip to the legendary Gaithersburg holiday doll show...and to meet a whole busload of new friends in the process...I couldn't resist!  This trip was all I had hoped for, and more! What fun we had!And, predictably, I couldn't leave work behind COMPLETELY, so the treasures I came home with just MAY decorate future convention goodies...

Now that I've piqued your interest...I'm delighted to go a bit further and say that we have decided on a place and date for the 2012 Sandra Stillwell Presents convention! I can't share all details just yet, as contracts are still being finalized, but please save the date, June 6-9, for this not to be missed event! As always, we are working on some very special offsite tours, so you may want to extend your time with us if possible.

If all goes as planned, I hope to make an announcement shortly after the New Year, so, while you're waiting to hear more exciting convention details, be sure to check out the updates here on the Sandra Stillwell Presents blog. For some last minute Christmas shopping, you won't want to miss the refreshed sales pages...where you'll find VERY limited quantities of much sought after fashions. Whether they've been "naughty" or "nice", you're sure to find the perfect holiday treat for even the most discriminating "doll" in your life!

Speaking of "naughty or nice"... I think someone needs to speak to Santa, who has surely gotten me mixed up with someone else on his list this year! Because, though I PROMISE I've been good, my Christmas "surprises" were BOTH my car and computer pooping out within weeks of each other (and thus, my silence lately!! )

In the spirit of making sweet from sour, my "new" ride is a striking, high metallic, candy apple red sleigh of sorts...a retro styled (what else??) 2011 Chevy HHR! The glistening red makes me smile, while THREE Sirius Radio Christmas stations set the mood for festive holiday happenings!

The computer issues have proven to be more challenging, as the selection process can be quite daunting for a non techie such as myself! :) The bright side is that technology has grown leaps and bounds since I bought my last laptop in 2009, and, with any luck, I'll have a nice shiny new, fast as lightening computer to work on soon!

My final thought before closing is how often... especially during this holiday season... I am reminded of one of my favorite songs, "Angels Among Us".  I have been blessed with so many "angels" in my life.

I may not tell you each individually, but just know that whether you have welcomed me into your home, volunteered at or attended one of my conventions, made a purchase, shared a picture of your dolls modeling a Sandra Stillwell Presents design, sent an email to say how much the conventions have meant to you or how much you enjoy the fashions, if you lent an understanding ear, extended a word of encouragement, or reached out to simply say, "Hello, how are you"--you have been an angel to me.

I thank you all for your kindness, your friendship, and for touching my heart -- and wonder if you can ever really know how greatly you've impacted my life.

May each of us have the opportunity to be an "angel" to someone we encounter along the way... whether we realize it or not...

Wishing you all a joyous holiday season filled with love and laughter...

I hope to see you in 2012!


And suddenly it's September...!

Hello friends!

Where has summer gone? It seems only yesterday that we were looking forward to June in San Francisco, and now Labor Day has passed!

I don't know if this can be attributed to "time flying when you're having fun", a sign of aging... or perhaps a little of both....but summer seemed to slip away especially quickly this year!

I love a good road trip, so, still riding high from the success of Golden Gate Glamour, my "last hurrah" of summertime 2011 was to pack the Cruiser and head East for fun filled visits with friends, a little dolly play, and new sites along the way!

First stop: Washington DC, where I joined my friend, Meg Hunt, for the drive to Kingston, NY, to attend A Day of Ennui - The Sequel. It's always fun to hang out with the ever introspective Ellowyne and friends, and the Wilde Imagination/Tonner team showed each guest a wonderful time! Tempting new offerings in both the Ellowyne and Evangeline lines were on display at the Tonner Company store afterwards, where sales were brisk! (I was a good girl and resisted...for now!)

After spending a few days with Meg (Yes...I was there for the earthquake!), I headed to New Jersey for a visit with dear friend, Michael Basala...and a bit of fabric shopping in NYC!

Michael is coordinating the always fun Metrodolls luncheon this year, and attendees are in for a real treat! If you haven't signed up yet, there is still time! You'll find me there at the Sandra Stillwell Presents table, where we will be showing available pieces from the Golden Gate Glamour Balenciaga collection... with a couple of new stunning designs offered for the first time!

I left New Jersey just in time to miss the threat from Hurricane Irene (my heart goes out to everyone affected) and traveled to beautiful upstate New York. I stopped over in Corning for a brief visit with longtime friend, Brian Bulkley, who many of you will recognize as the supremely talented artist responsible for much of our beautiful Gene convention artwork!

After having spent countless hours on the phone chatting with Brian, it was wonderful to actually spend some "real" time with him! What a treat it was to see Brian's library of inspiration and art studio, where his exquisite renderings are created.

On this occasion, I was especially looking forward to showing Brian the Golden Gate Glamour collection, as his drawings were key in helping to translate my instructions to the factories in Asia. It was gratifying to see Brian's enthusiasm as each fashion was unveiled, as he had expressed to me in earlier conversations that lately he had felt somewhat distanced from dolls. As the evening progressed, I could see his interest escalating. He spoke of which doll should model the outfits and the perfect place of honor on his bookcase.

Before leaving Corning the next day, I made time to visit the not to be missed Corning Glass Museum. What an impressive museum! I could have spent days there studying the beautiful glasswork.

I continued my drive through the breathtaking Finger Lakes region to visit Angelic Dreamz, in the lovely town of Canandaigua, NY, where store owners George Gonzalez and Tim Hoffman could not have been more welcoming!

One of the highlights of the trip was the opportunity to see Angelic Dreamz' amazing new St Tropez line of JAMIEshow resin ball jointed dolls in person, and watch George do a photo-shoot of the girls dressed in the Golden Gate Glamour collection! (More about this to follow in my next blog post...)

George and Tim took time out of their busy schedules to take me to the legendary Strong Museum of Play in nearby Rochester to see the museum's phenomenal doll collection....something I have wanted to do since I began collecting over 25 years ago! In addition to collectibles, the museum houses a breathtaking butterfly sanctuary where we walked among beautiful specimens of butterflies and birds flying freely, in many cases easily within reach. What an awesome experience!

Whether you're a child, or simply a child at heart, there is truly something for everyone at the Strong Museum of Play! It did not disappoint in any way!!

My final stop in New York was to tour the Lucy-Desi Center in Lucy's hometown of Jamestown. Two buildings house displays and memorabilia which pay tribute to Lucy's early home life, career, and marriages. Though the museum was very interesting and well done, I was a bit disappointed there weren't more costumes from her movies. Worth the trip? Definitely, but only for the avid Lucy fan.

Now, back in Louisville, there's much work to do...emails to answer, packages to be shipped, hotel proposals to be studied for 2012, unpacking the Cruiser...and packing again for my next trip!!

Yes, the next couple of months will be filled with more whirlwind road trips to Modern Doll in Texas, Metrodolls in New Jersey, the Tonner Halloween convention in Vermont, site visits for possible 2012 Sandra Stillwell Presents locations... and a maybe other surprise destinations too!

Do I have time to be tired yet?

Looking forward to seeing some of you along the way...

A very special video....

Hello friends!
I hope you'll indulge me with two posts in one day!

Previously, I wrote about my recent trip to the collector's paradise, Angelic Dreamz, and my wonderful visit with owners George Gonzalez and Tim Hoffman.

Now I would like to share a little about George's incredible photo shoot of the Balenciaga collection from Golden Gate Glamour...

Our models for this photo shoot were Gene and friends, and the JAMIEshow ladies.

Gene was happy to share her Golden Gate Glamour wardrobe with her new friends (Madra maybe not so much!). I was pleasantly surprised at how nicely the fashions interchanged between the two. The JAMIEshow dolls added a bit of contemporary edge to the vintage designs.

JAMIEshow dolls are even more stunning in person! And, not only do they look great, but they are easy to handle and pose beautifully! They come with "ball hands" that make tight sleeves a breeze to slide on, and a pair of gracefully sculpted hands that are easy to change out.

Being hair-styling challenged, I was especially delighted to discover how simple it was to change styles with the magnetic wig caps -- and how great the rooted hair looked! I'm excited to say these magnetic wig caps will work with our Golden Gate Glamour Sasha!

The resin bodies, which are beautifully sculpted, felt good in my hands. The dolls held realistic poses well and could often stand on their own when wearing the fabulous JAMIEshow shoes!

It was impossible to pick a favorite sculpt among these beauties, as they all have unique, striking features -- I've been a longtime fan of Sun and Sasha, but now Eshe, Grace and Angelina are right up there, too! It was a cool experience to "play" with these new captivating beauties.

It was such a treat watching George work his magic and photograph the dolls in his studio. The process involves hours of posing dolls, shooting hundreds of photos and fine editing to bring each image to life.

The first time I saw this collection of photographs, it literally brought tears to my eyes. George assembled them all in a very special "Golden Gate Glamour Balenciaga Collection" video.

The Balenciaga collection has been special to me from the beginning, but George's work has elevated it to a different level.

In case you missed seeing it posted, here is George's video presentation once again. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Thank you, George, my friend, for this beautiful gift!


Golden Gate Glamour Wrap Up

Hi guys!
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

I want to take a moment to give much overdue thanks to you all for helping make Sandra Stillwell Presents 10th Anniversary celebration, "Golden Gate Glamour", a resounding (sold out!) success!!

Golden Gate Glamour was such an overwhelmingly positive --- yet emotional --- experience for me that it takes a bit to gather my feelings on it all.

My gratitude is, at times, all consuming and I find myself staring at a blank page because mere words of thanks seem simply insufficient.

Over the years I've received many expressions of thanks for the fun experiences and gifts connected with "Sandra Stillwell Presents" conventions. It means more than you'll know to hear how my events have impacted lives. Still, I can't help but feel that the true gifts are not those I give through conventions, but the gifts that have been afforded me every step of the way.

"Golden Gate Glamour" has been one such gift. Though it was my "baby", the convention became so much more than my dream. I felt as if, once in San Francisco, it was lifted from my hands and delivered to all of you who made it successful...each conventioneer, guest, speaker, manufacturer, vendor, the hotel -- and especially my incomparable volunteer staff-- everyone who played a part in making the event so very special. You gifted me in immeasurable ways.

Our ten year retrospective could not have been more meaningful, as highlights of fun times and bittersweet remembrances of missing friends and loved ones who graced our lives over the past years rolled across the screen.

Surrounded by friends... both old and new -- in attendance, in spirit, or following along from home -- I felt truly embraced by love.

I am humbled by the high praise and compliments for the Golden Gate Glamour collection. It is very meaningful to me that the fashions bring everyone such joy.

I share credit for collection with many:
Not only was I inspired by "The Master", but I was also blessed to work with several wonderful factories, workrooms and sample makers this year....not to mention dear friends who generously donated their time to make accessories and were always there to bounce ideas off of.

When creating the Balenciaga inspired collection, it was my hope that fellow collectors would feel like children at Christmas when they opened their gift boxes and be inspired to spend hours at "play" with the many different pieces. From the fabulous pictures I see posted online, I'm delighted that you are doing just that!

I couldn't have wished for a more perfect setting than San Francisco for my "Sandra Stillwell Presents" 10th Anniversary Celebration! It's easy to understand how it came be known as "America's favorite city"!

From the gracious San Francisco people, the warm and accommodating hotel staff, knowledgeable docents and interesting tour guides...and especially the enthusiastic bay area collectors ...everyone we met in San Francisco made us feel most welcome in their beautiful city.

So...once again, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to the city of San Francisco and everyone involved in making "Golden Gate Glamour" what I envisioned it to be.

Special thanks to both George Gonzales of Angelic Dreamz and the JamieShow team for our stunning Golden Gate Glamour Sasha. It was a pleasure and privilege to collaborate with these wonderful people on our second exclusive Sandra Stillwell Presents JamieShow centerpiece doll.

Most notably, my deepest and undying gratitude to my volunteers...dear friends who worked tirelessly to make my vision a reality. As always, I couldn't have done it without you!

Thank you all for the beautiful ending to my first decade of organizing conventions. It has been my privilege, indeed.

Here's looking forward to another decade of fun, friendship and wonderful convention experiences in new cities...and who knows...maybe a return to a few favorite places!

If any of you have any suggestions of where you would like to go in future years, please drop me a line! I love chatting with you all!

I truly did leave a little piece of my heart in San Francisco, and am already contemplating our next visit...!

Until next time...


Limited number of event items available!

I have a very limited number of event items available for purchase. If you are interested in any, please email me.


Click on the SALES tab above to view items!

All good things must come to an end....

I will post a wrap up later this week but I wanted to thank all my helpers who put in so much to help make this a wonderful event! And thanks to Jeff Lega for the photos you see posted here!

We are off on a tour today but I hope you have enjoyed our blog coverage of Golden Gate Glamour!

Gala 10th Anniversary Dinner

The day began with everyone making a trip to the DeYoung Museum to view the marvelous Balenciaga exhibit.

The final banquet was a 10 year celebration of Sandra Stillwell events.

The centerpiece Gene appeared in "X" (the Roman numeral for 10), an evening ensemble shown as two separate looks; gown with evening coat or with poof.

Everyone received the final gift set fashion, a color variation of the centerpiece "X".

The entire gift set collection is named "Cristobel's Collection"!

Golden Gate Glamour Dinner

Fridays dinner featured an amazing JamieShow Golden Gate Glamour Sasha centerpiece.

Gene was featured as two dressed dolls for sale in Balenciaga inspired gowns, "Marquesa" and "Princesa".



A special Violet Waters doll "Flamenco" commemorating her 10th anniversary was available for purchase as well as a fashion modeled by Madra called "Barcelona".

The table gift was a set of assorted hats and accessories.

Everyone recieved the second part of the event gift set, an evening wear set.

Friday Lecture

Event attendees attended a lecture by Lynne Day and Wayne Nilson. Both have had fashions produced by Ashton Drake for Gene Marshall and spoke of their experiences.

Offered for sale was "Paris of the West", a fashion based on a LilliAnn dress.

Centerpieces featured Ashton Drake Gene and Violet in suites based on LilliAnn designs and named after areas in San Francisco; Union Square, Pacific Heights, Russian Hill and Nob Hill.

More Lunch Photos!

Shopping time is FUN time San Francisco!!

Display of last nights centerpieces.

Lunch is served!

About "The Master"!

Don't you love getting all these goodies?!

Balenciaga & Spain Lunch

Friday's lunch was all about Balenciaga! Special guest speaker Julia Geist from the DeYoung Museum, gave a lecture on the museum exhibit.

Available for sale, "Espana Noche" a lovely lace coat dress.

Centerpiece featured a green/black silk suit called "Peccadillo" and available for sale, a limited number of dressed Ivy, Gene and Madra wearing suits in three fabric variations called "Bandolier Rojo", "Bandolier Morado" and "Bandolier Rosa". All were inspired by Balenciaga creations.

Attendees recieved a miniature Balenciaga book as table gift and a velvet burn-out swing coat.

The meal gift was a day wear fashion set, part of the event gift set.

Golden Gate Glamour Thurday night dessert reception

After attendees spent the day touring San Francisco, Golden Gate Glamour officially opened with the "Bienvenidos Dessert Reception"

Available for sale was an exclusive fashion "Legacy of Light" pictured on right. Centerpieces for the reception were Zita Charles dressed in a special edition "Legacy of Light" color way blue (modeled by Gene in photo below), and Gene Marshall in "The Masters Touch".

Everyone received an accessory set as a table gift and a luxurious fur coat, the first piece in the event fashion gift set.

Hello from San Francisco!

We are hard at work getting all the convention goodies together as I write this! It's going to be great to see everyone and we are going to have a blast!

I just wanted to let you all know, over the course of the weekend we will have updates here on my blog with pictures of the event items. So even if you were not able to join us, you will be able to see photos of the souvenirs and centerpiece dolls. Check back on Friday morning with a report from our Thursday night opening reception!

Wish you were here!

A Mother's Day Tribute....

Hello friends!
I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day!

It wouldn't be Mother's Day without special thoughts of Mother (I never called her "Mom"), so I can't help but take some time out from convention work and shipping Derby week sales (don't forget...the sale lasts through tonight!) to share what's on my mind...

My Mother has been gone for a few years, and I miss her lots....but she left me with many wonderful, cherished memories and traditions that never fail to put a smile in my heart...as well as the many treasures she so lovingly gifted me throughout the years.

I was a "late" baby, and a very welcomed surprise. As such, I was "indulged" but never spoiled. (Ok...at least that's what I tell myself...and truly believe! LOL!)

In many ways I had a fairytale childhood...credited only to my dear Mother's dedication, drive and commitment that I would not "want" for anything.

Mother was responsible not only for my love of dolls (and much of my doll collection), but also my passion for fashion and the "beautiful" things in life. Mother taught me not only how to entertain with flair, but also how to make any day special with an unexpected, loving touch and how to turn the most ordinary things into something unique. She was the most creative person I have ever met!

My Mother demonstrated first hand that hard work with good timing and a little luck can make your dreams reality...showing me that anything is possible if you just don't give up. (Yes...it's my Mother's fault that I am a little hard headed...LOL!)

She taught me how to be frugal so that I'm able to be extravagant!

She did not, however, teach me her knack for cooking and cleaning house...LOL...but that was OK, for she understood that not everyone is blessed with those talents.

My Mother taught me that to be "different" meant to be special and that it wasn't so bad to stand out in a crowd. I knew it was OK to be "me" whatever that entailed. She taught me not to worry over making mistakes (I still struggle with that one...LOL!) And when I fretted over not being "perfect", she let me know that, in her eyes, there was no one more special.

My Mother was always game and ready for anything...whether it was a visit from the Easter Bunny on my birthday (which is in October..LOL), an impromptu party with all the kids in my class, a drive-in movie or slumber party with both guys and gals (of course we slept on different floors), taking me to a Beatles concert when I was in the 5th grade, sewing clothes under my "creative" direction, or any of countless other fun activities!

Mother's generosity was unmatched...it wasn't unusual for her to open her heart and home to a friend who needed a place to stay or a wayward child who needed a home. She never failed to deliver when I requested a favor for friends who could use a helping hand. And I learned it never hurts to ask!

Mother often overlooked nastiness and snarkiness...showing me it's OK to be hurt, but best to turn the other cheek. She demonstrated faith, pride, courage and strength even in the face of un surmountable problems.

She was...and will always be... my angel and my hero.

So here's to you, Mother...Thank you for your unconditional and undying love. I am honored, proud and blessed to be your daughter...

I'm sure everyone has their own fond Mother's Day memories....thanks for letting me share some of mine!


Still time to register for Golden Gate Glamour!

Because registration has been so good, I've decided to extend the deadline to register for Golden Gate Glamour at the original fee of $360. I will continue to hold spots for those who have RSVP'd if you will please email to let me know you are still planning to attend. There are very few spaces available for those of you who have not RSVP 'd, but please don't wait too long! It's only one month till convention, and you won't want to miss out on what's sure to be the party of the year!

In addition to the special celebration we have planned, I'm super excited by the stunning samples arriving from the factories! I believe you...and your dollies...will agree that this is the best Sandra Stillwell Presents convention package yet!

Tour details for SF will be forthcoming soon!

Feel free to contact me personally with any questions....

I hope to see you all in San Francisco!

502 3775153

Kentucky Derby Sale

Hello Friends!
It's been a tough April...too much rain and too many tornado scares! Thankfully, Kentucky escaped without too much damage, but my heart goes out to our friends who have been affected by the ravishing storms.

I'm happy to see May arrive, bringing beautiful rainbows from soft, soothing showers, cheerfully bright flowers and the Kentucky Derby! Yes...even with the rain, Louisville is alive with preparations for this week's "Run for the Roses" and many festivities leading up to the "greatest two minutes in sports".

Derby hats displayed in every shop window rival the chicest chapeaus to have adorned "proper" Royal wedding guests! (Of course I was awake at 4 AM to witness the nuptials!) Whether elegant or whimsical, large or small, fanciful millinery is the one "must have" accessory for any fashionable lady around town!

Several of you have emailed to say your dolls are all set for the party! I've enjoyed seeing your Derby Dreams convention goodies featured in creative dioramas with dolls decked out in Derby silks and big fancy hats!

I don't have much time to "play" these days, but I love a good party (or romantic wedding)...so my way of celebrating is to offer free US shipping on all orders over $50 from my sales pages! Be sure to check out both pages! This great offer is good until midnight on Sunday, May 8th.

For those who don't have the Derby blanket of roses and winner's bouquet or the jockey silks from the Derby Dreams convention, I have a very few still available. You can see photos of these authentic recreations on my sales page. (Special thanks to Fil Baldowski for the beautiful pictures! )


Exciting Golden Gate Glamour news and update!!

I am excited to announce that Angelic Dreamz and Jamie-Show will be a very special part of Golden Gate Glamour!

Once again in partnership with Angelic Dreamz, we bring you our second Sandra Stillwell Presents Jamie-Show centerpiece. Created exclusively for Golden Gate Glamour, this ultra limited beauty is inspired by a 1950 Balenciaga couture design. She will be presented at Friday night's dinner, graciously hosted by Angelic Dreamz/Jamie-Show in honor of my 10th Anniversary Celebration!

I was privileged to meet the mega talented Jamie-Show team at IDEX this past February, and was immediately impressed by their warmth and enthusiasm. Angelic Dreamz has long been a special supporter and valued member of the doll community. It was my pleasure to collaborate with these two outstanding companies and I thank them for their generous support.

Just to update you all, Golden Gate Glamour is nearly sold out. So if you are on the fence about joining us for an unforgettable weekend, email me ASAP!

The hotel room block is extremely limited so I have been monitoring our numbers according to your input on the nights you plan to register at the hotel. June is a busy month in San Francisco. I can increase my room block now but may not be able to at a later date. It is extremely important that you touch base to let me know the nights you will be staying. It also helps to know if you will be sharing a room.

We have exciting tours planned for Thursday and Sunday you will not want to miss. Our tours are dependent on meeting a minimum number of attendees so it is important I know if you plan to participate. Details on these are forthcoming.

Please feel free to email me with any questions. dls6643@aol.com

Hope to see you in San Francisco!

Golden Gate Glamour!

Please mark your calendar and make plans to join us June 3-5 in San Francisco, at the Embassy Suites SFO Airport South, for Sandra Stillwell Presents: Golden Gate Glamour!

Limited to only 60 attendees, this intimate soiree will be a celebration of friends, dolls, tradition, and timeless couture in San Francisco, a destination widely known as "America's Favorite City"!

Golden Gate Glamour will pay tribute to the haute couture master Cristóbal Balenciaga, and the unparalleled legacy of his landmark career, as well as highlight San Francisco's rich fashion heritage, and explore the connection between the two.

Included in the convention registration, a trip to the De Young Museum in San Francisco's beautiful Golden Gate Park, where we will view Balenciaga and Spain, the fascinating exhibit highlighting Balenciaga's magnificent creations and exploring Spain's influence on his designs.


Our souvenir will be a fabulous fashion gift set designed to fit your favorite 16" fashion doll. Inspired by Balenciaga's designs, the collection was created especially for this exciting event. Centerpiece dolls modeling stunning haute couture fashions will be showcased at each meal function. I believe you'll be as blown away as I am by the beauty of this collection! I can't wait to share it with everyone!

The registration fee will also include a desert reception and 3 meals, including a gala Saturday night banquet. We will also have illustrious guest speakers, interesting displays, table gifts, raffles, swap tables, and more surprises!

The registration fee is only $360 if paid in full, by cash or check, by May 2nd. (After that date, the fee is $375). A $15 charge will be added to other payments options. A non refundable deposit of only $50 will reserve your spot for this very special event.
A $50 cancellation fee applies to all cancellations prior to May 2nd. After that date, no cancellations are allowed.
Companion registrations will be available if purchased with a full registration. Please contact me for details.
Please send payment for registration to: Sandra Stillwell 8305 Blue Lick Rd. Louisville, KY 40219
Please contact me if you need to pay by PayPal or make special arrangements.
At this time there are no absentee registrations.

Our convention hotel is the lovely Embassy SFO Airport/South San Francisco, located only 10 miles from downtown San Francisco! Each room is a spacious 2 room suite complete with refrigerator and microwave...perfect for room sales or socializing with dolly friends!
We will have a special code to make reservations in our group block, which will be forthcoming soon. Please do not contact the hotel or make reservations online until this is announced.
Our special group room rate is $119 plus tax. Our group will receive complimentary hotel parking.
The hotel offers complimentary WiFi and computers in their business office, and in room Internet access at a discounted rate.
The Embassy Suites offers a complimentary shuttle to shopping and eateries within a 3mile radius (based on availability), and an airport shuttle which runs every 35 minutes. BART conveniently travels directly from the airport to San Francisco and other suburbs.
The group rate is available from Monday, May 30, through Wednesday, June 8th (based on availability) for those who would like to come early or stay over to take advantage of the many fun sightseeing opportunities in the area. If you need rooms on other dates, please contact me directly.
I strongly encourage all attendees to stay at the Convention hotel for a complete "convention experience"! Besides all the fun and camaraderie those who don't stay at the hotel will miss out on, our room and food rates are based on our meeting a guaranteed minimum, and it is crucial I have your cooperation to meet that guarantee.
There are other great reasons to stay at the convention hotel....with our many planned activities, you'll find being onsite much more convenient, plus the Embassy Suites includes a fabulous cooked to order complimentary breakfast and manager's cocktail reception daily in their beautiful atrium.
Our room block is extremely limited. Though we are not yet ready for hotel reservations, it would help me greatly to know as soon as possible how many nights and what dates you are planning to stay, so I can increase the block if necessary. June is a busy time for the hotel and I may not have the opportunity to do so at a later date. Once the room block is sold out, reservations will only be taken on availability.

Airport and Flights:
San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is serviced by all major airlines.
Oakland International Airport is also very convenient to the hotel. Both are directly connected to BART and Caltrain for travel to San Francisco or neighboring areas for sightseeing on your own.
When booking your flight, don't forget to allow a few extra days, if possible, to enjoy the multitude of tourist attractions and unique activities that San Francisco has to offer!

I'm excited to say that Casey LaLonde, Joan Crawford's grandson, will again be joining us for convention this year... and, if all goes as hoped, we are planning a surprise "wrap party" on Sunday night to celebrate Sandra Stillwell Presents 10th Anniversary! An optional event, this exciting evening will follow a day of sightseeing in San Francisco. For a taste of San Francisco elegance, I am proposing that we begin the day with a delicious breakfast buffet in the glistening Garden Court at the opulent Palace Hotel.
Details are not available yet, but I am also planning a very interesting excursion on Thursday that all doll lovers, vintage fashionistas, and sewing enthusiasts will be sure to love!
If there is anything in particular you would like to see or do, now is the time to let me know!

Raffle Donations:
We will be having a raffle to help offset convention expenses. Donations of all sizes are greatly appreciated. If you would like to contribute to the raffle, please email me at dls6643@aol.com.

Please remember that this special event is extremely limited, so do not hesitate to register. If you plan to attend, please RSVP as soon as possible so I'll have an idea of how many to count on.

I hope you'll join me in San Francisco this June for an event to remember!

Will you be my Valentine?

Now, there are five simple words that never fail to bring a smile to my heart! Words that bring visions of class parties with brightly decorated mail bags and childhood innocence filled with anticipation and the hope of receiving valentines from all your friends... visions of X's and O's, and exquisitely delicate Valentine cards expressing caring and love.... sweet smelling roses and beautiful red satin heart shaped boxes filled with delicious chocolates...

Yes, I'll have to admit to being a sentimental sap who loves the "romance" of life! Sure, life can get a bit lonely without that "special someone", but if you look in unexpected places, there's always romance to be found... whether it's in a touching movie that brings a tear, or a favorite song that makes you smile; be it a gentle gesture or kind word that touches your heart. If you open your mind and heart, you'll discover that romance abounds.

I personally find romance when I look at my treasured dolls or recall a beloved memory, when I take a drive with the wind blowing my hair; when I witness a love story or a friend calls to show they care... or even when I'm planning a wonderful weekend for convention... it's all romantic to me.

Speaking of "romance" and "convention", I can't think of a more romantic city than San Francisco! The sound of Tony Bennett crooning "I left my heart..." carries me away to a genteel place and time when proper ladies donned hats and gloves for tea at the Fairmont, and the Venetian Room came alive with handsome gents sporting white dinner suits. A time when aristocratic ladies pledged their undying loyalty to their favorite couturier by wearing only "their" label and salon appointment registers read like a Nob Hill society book of "who's who".

Everyone needs a little "romance" to look forward to, so I hope you're all planning to join us this June in San Francisco for "Golden Gate Glamour". Come and experience the charm and romance that can only be found in "America's favorite city"!

Learn first hand how San Francisco became known as "Paris of the West" as we turn back time to the days of affluence and glamour. A time when the fit and flare of a "Lilli Ann of San Francisco" suit spelled luxury with their smart styling and unmistakable silhouette. Back to the days when fashionable closets were full of couture ball gowns and chic cocktail frocks.

Imagine yourself (or your favorite doll!) in Balenciaga's Paris salon as you peruse the "master's" creations, each more exquisite than the one before!

Of course, no good romance is without challenges, and my planning this convention has been no exception. Snow storms, messed up computers, and other pesky circumstances have caused delays that have tried my patience. But my conviction is strong as ever that "Golden Gate Glamour" is something that just has to happen.... and the emails I've received tell me that you agree!

Thankfully, most challenges can be overcome with a bit of stubbornness and a lot of dedicated hard work. I'm happy to say that plans are on target for this 10th Anniversary "Sandra Stillwell Presents" convention to be another fabulous event! The first samples of fashions from the factory are the best ever, and I'm excited to see the final product!

I will be traveling to San Francisco in a couple of weeks to finalize details, so watch for registration information in March. Until then, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Even if you've already emailed to let me know you are interested in attending, please touch base again ASAP to let me know if you are planning to join us. It will help greatly to know how many people to count on, as space is limited and I don't want to leave anyone out!

It would also be helpful to know how long you plan to be in San Francisco, as many of you have told me you would like to spend extra time to make this a vacation. If there is something special you'd like to see or do while in San Francisco, now is the time to let me know so I can plan accordingly!

I look forward to seeing you in June for a little romance and "Golden Gate Glamour"! You're sure to strike gold with all the fabulous things that await you in the city by the bay! I can't wait to share it all with everyone!

Which brings me back to the question..."Will you be my Valentine"!