Will you be my Valentine?

Now, there are five simple words that never fail to bring a smile to my heart! Words that bring visions of class parties with brightly decorated mail bags and childhood innocence filled with anticipation and the hope of receiving valentines from all your friends... visions of X's and O's, and exquisitely delicate Valentine cards expressing caring and love.... sweet smelling roses and beautiful red satin heart shaped boxes filled with delicious chocolates...

Yes, I'll have to admit to being a sentimental sap who loves the "romance" of life! Sure, life can get a bit lonely without that "special someone", but if you look in unexpected places, there's always romance to be found... whether it's in a touching movie that brings a tear, or a favorite song that makes you smile; be it a gentle gesture or kind word that touches your heart. If you open your mind and heart, you'll discover that romance abounds.

I personally find romance when I look at my treasured dolls or recall a beloved memory, when I take a drive with the wind blowing my hair; when I witness a love story or a friend calls to show they care... or even when I'm planning a wonderful weekend for convention... it's all romantic to me.

Speaking of "romance" and "convention", I can't think of a more romantic city than San Francisco! The sound of Tony Bennett crooning "I left my heart..." carries me away to a genteel place and time when proper ladies donned hats and gloves for tea at the Fairmont, and the Venetian Room came alive with handsome gents sporting white dinner suits. A time when aristocratic ladies pledged their undying loyalty to their favorite couturier by wearing only "their" label and salon appointment registers read like a Nob Hill society book of "who's who".

Everyone needs a little "romance" to look forward to, so I hope you're all planning to join us this June in San Francisco for "Golden Gate Glamour". Come and experience the charm and romance that can only be found in "America's favorite city"!

Learn first hand how San Francisco became known as "Paris of the West" as we turn back time to the days of affluence and glamour. A time when the fit and flare of a "Lilli Ann of San Francisco" suit spelled luxury with their smart styling and unmistakable silhouette. Back to the days when fashionable closets were full of couture ball gowns and chic cocktail frocks.

Imagine yourself (or your favorite doll!) in Balenciaga's Paris salon as you peruse the "master's" creations, each more exquisite than the one before!

Of course, no good romance is without challenges, and my planning this convention has been no exception. Snow storms, messed up computers, and other pesky circumstances have caused delays that have tried my patience. But my conviction is strong as ever that "Golden Gate Glamour" is something that just has to happen.... and the emails I've received tell me that you agree!

Thankfully, most challenges can be overcome with a bit of stubbornness and a lot of dedicated hard work. I'm happy to say that plans are on target for this 10th Anniversary "Sandra Stillwell Presents" convention to be another fabulous event! The first samples of fashions from the factory are the best ever, and I'm excited to see the final product!

I will be traveling to San Francisco in a couple of weeks to finalize details, so watch for registration information in March. Until then, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Even if you've already emailed to let me know you are interested in attending, please touch base again ASAP to let me know if you are planning to join us. It will help greatly to know how many people to count on, as space is limited and I don't want to leave anyone out!

It would also be helpful to know how long you plan to be in San Francisco, as many of you have told me you would like to spend extra time to make this a vacation. If there is something special you'd like to see or do while in San Francisco, now is the time to let me know so I can plan accordingly!

I look forward to seeing you in June for a little romance and "Golden Gate Glamour"! You're sure to strike gold with all the fabulous things that await you in the city by the bay! I can't wait to share it all with everyone!

Which brings me back to the question..."Will you be my Valentine"!