Golden Gate Glamour Thurday night dessert reception

After attendees spent the day touring San Francisco, Golden Gate Glamour officially opened with the "Bienvenidos Dessert Reception"

Available for sale was an exclusive fashion "Legacy of Light" pictured on right. Centerpieces for the reception were Zita Charles dressed in a special edition "Legacy of Light" color way blue (modeled by Gene in photo below), and Gene Marshall in "The Masters Touch".

Everyone received an accessory set as a table gift and a luxurious fur coat, the first piece in the event fashion gift set.

Hello from San Francisco!

We are hard at work getting all the convention goodies together as I write this! It's going to be great to see everyone and we are going to have a blast!

I just wanted to let you all know, over the course of the weekend we will have updates here on my blog with pictures of the event items. So even if you were not able to join us, you will be able to see photos of the souvenirs and centerpiece dolls. Check back on Friday morning with a report from our Thursday night opening reception!

Wish you were here!

A Mother's Day Tribute....

Hello friends!
I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day!

It wouldn't be Mother's Day without special thoughts of Mother (I never called her "Mom"), so I can't help but take some time out from convention work and shipping Derby week sales (don't forget...the sale lasts through tonight!) to share what's on my mind...

My Mother has been gone for a few years, and I miss her lots....but she left me with many wonderful, cherished memories and traditions that never fail to put a smile in my well as the many treasures she so lovingly gifted me throughout the years.

I was a "late" baby, and a very welcomed surprise. As such, I was "indulged" but never spoiled. ( least that's what I tell myself...and truly believe! LOL!)

In many ways I had a fairytale childhood...credited only to my dear Mother's dedication, drive and commitment that I would not "want" for anything.

Mother was responsible not only for my love of dolls (and much of my doll collection), but also my passion for fashion and the "beautiful" things in life. Mother taught me not only how to entertain with flair, but also how to make any day special with an unexpected, loving touch and how to turn the most ordinary things into something unique. She was the most creative person I have ever met!

My Mother demonstrated first hand that hard work with good timing and a little luck can make your dreams reality...showing me that anything is possible if you just don't give up. ('s my Mother's fault that I am a little hard headed...LOL!)

She taught me how to be frugal so that I'm able to be extravagant!

She did not, however, teach me her knack for cooking and cleaning house...LOL...but that was OK, for she understood that not everyone is blessed with those talents.

My Mother taught me that to be "different" meant to be special and that it wasn't so bad to stand out in a crowd. I knew it was OK to be "me" whatever that entailed. She taught me not to worry over making mistakes (I still struggle with that one...LOL!) And when I fretted over not being "perfect", she let me know that, in her eyes, there was no one more special.

My Mother was always game and ready for anything...whether it was a visit from the Easter Bunny on my birthday (which is in October..LOL), an impromptu party with all the kids in my class, a drive-in movie or slumber party with both guys and gals (of course we slept on different floors), taking me to a Beatles concert when I was in the 5th grade, sewing clothes under my "creative" direction, or any of countless other fun activities!

Mother's generosity was wasn't unusual for her to open her heart and home to a friend who needed a place to stay or a wayward child who needed a home. She never failed to deliver when I requested a favor for friends who could use a helping hand. And I learned it never hurts to ask!

Mother often overlooked nastiness and snarkiness...showing me it's OK to be hurt, but best to turn the other cheek. She demonstrated faith, pride, courage and strength even in the face of un surmountable problems.

She was...and will always be... my angel and my hero.

So here's to you, Mother...Thank you for your unconditional and undying love. I am honored, proud and blessed to be your daughter...

I'm sure everyone has their own fond Mother's Day memories....thanks for letting me share some of mine!


Still time to register for Golden Gate Glamour!

Because registration has been so good, I've decided to extend the deadline to register for Golden Gate Glamour at the original fee of $360. I will continue to hold spots for those who have RSVP'd if you will please email to let me know you are still planning to attend. There are very few spaces available for those of you who have not RSVP 'd, but please don't wait too long! It's only one month till convention, and you won't want to miss out on what's sure to be the party of the year!

In addition to the special celebration we have planned, I'm super excited by the stunning samples arriving from the factories! I believe you...and your dollies...will agree that this is the best Sandra Stillwell Presents convention package yet!

Tour details for SF will be forthcoming soon!

Feel free to contact me personally with any questions....

I hope to see you all in San Francisco!

502 3775153

Kentucky Derby Sale

Hello Friends!
It's been a tough April...too much rain and too many tornado scares! Thankfully, Kentucky escaped without too much damage, but my heart goes out to our friends who have been affected by the ravishing storms.

I'm happy to see May arrive, bringing beautiful rainbows from soft, soothing showers, cheerfully bright flowers and the Kentucky Derby! Yes...even with the rain, Louisville is alive with preparations for this week's "Run for the Roses" and many festivities leading up to the "greatest two minutes in sports".

Derby hats displayed in every shop window rival the chicest chapeaus to have adorned "proper" Royal wedding guests! (Of course I was awake at 4 AM to witness the nuptials!) Whether elegant or whimsical, large or small, fanciful millinery is the one "must have" accessory for any fashionable lady around town!

Several of you have emailed to say your dolls are all set for the party! I've enjoyed seeing your Derby Dreams convention goodies featured in creative dioramas with dolls decked out in Derby silks and big fancy hats!

I don't have much time to "play" these days, but I love a good party (or romantic wedding) my way of celebrating is to offer free US shipping on all orders over $50 from my sales pages! Be sure to check out both pages! This great offer is good until midnight on Sunday, May 8th.

For those who don't have the Derby blanket of roses and winner's bouquet or the jockey silks from the Derby Dreams convention, I have a very few still available. You can see photos of these authentic recreations on my sales page. (Special thanks to Fil Baldowski for the beautiful pictures! )