Kentucky Derby Sale

Hello Friends!
It's been a tough April...too much rain and too many tornado scares! Thankfully, Kentucky escaped without too much damage, but my heart goes out to our friends who have been affected by the ravishing storms.

I'm happy to see May arrive, bringing beautiful rainbows from soft, soothing showers, cheerfully bright flowers and the Kentucky Derby! Yes...even with the rain, Louisville is alive with preparations for this week's "Run for the Roses" and many festivities leading up to the "greatest two minutes in sports".

Derby hats displayed in every shop window rival the chicest chapeaus to have adorned "proper" Royal wedding guests! (Of course I was awake at 4 AM to witness the nuptials!) Whether elegant or whimsical, large or small, fanciful millinery is the one "must have" accessory for any fashionable lady around town!

Several of you have emailed to say your dolls are all set for the party! I've enjoyed seeing your Derby Dreams convention goodies featured in creative dioramas with dolls decked out in Derby silks and big fancy hats!

I don't have much time to "play" these days, but I love a good party (or romantic wedding) my way of celebrating is to offer free US shipping on all orders over $50 from my sales pages! Be sure to check out both pages! This great offer is good until midnight on Sunday, May 8th.

For those who don't have the Derby blanket of roses and winner's bouquet or the jockey silks from the Derby Dreams convention, I have a very few still available. You can see photos of these authentic recreations on my sales page. (Special thanks to Fil Baldowski for the beautiful pictures! )