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I have a very limited number of event items available for purchase. If you are interested in any, please email me.

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All good things must come to an end....

I will post a wrap up later this week but I wanted to thank all my helpers who put in so much to help make this a wonderful event! And thanks to Jeff Lega for the photos you see posted here!

We are off on a tour today but I hope you have enjoyed our blog coverage of Golden Gate Glamour!

Gala 10th Anniversary Dinner

The day began with everyone making a trip to the DeYoung Museum to view the marvelous Balenciaga exhibit.

The final banquet was a 10 year celebration of Sandra Stillwell events.

The centerpiece Gene appeared in "X" (the Roman numeral for 10), an evening ensemble shown as two separate looks; gown with evening coat or with poof.

Everyone received the final gift set fashion, a color variation of the centerpiece "X".

The entire gift set collection is named "Cristobel's Collection"!

Golden Gate Glamour Dinner

Fridays dinner featured an amazing JamieShow Golden Gate Glamour Sasha centerpiece.

Gene was featured as two dressed dolls for sale in Balenciaga inspired gowns, "Marquesa" and "Princesa".



A special Violet Waters doll "Flamenco" commemorating her 10th anniversary was available for purchase as well as a fashion modeled by Madra called "Barcelona".

The table gift was a set of assorted hats and accessories.

Everyone recieved the second part of the event gift set, an evening wear set.

Friday Lecture

Event attendees attended a lecture by Lynne Day and Wayne Nilson. Both have had fashions produced by Ashton Drake for Gene Marshall and spoke of their experiences.

Offered for sale was "Paris of the West", a fashion based on a LilliAnn dress.

Centerpieces featured Ashton Drake Gene and Violet in suites based on LilliAnn designs and named after areas in San Francisco; Union Square, Pacific Heights, Russian Hill and Nob Hill.

More Lunch Photos!

Shopping time is FUN time San Francisco!!

Display of last nights centerpieces.

Lunch is served!

About "The Master"!

Don't you love getting all these goodies?!

Balenciaga & Spain Lunch

Friday's lunch was all about Balenciaga! Special guest speaker Julia Geist from the DeYoung Museum, gave a lecture on the museum exhibit.

Available for sale, "Espana Noche" a lovely lace coat dress.

Centerpiece featured a green/black silk suit called "Peccadillo" and available for sale, a limited number of dressed Ivy, Gene and Madra wearing suits in three fabric variations called "Bandolier Rojo", "Bandolier Morado" and "Bandolier Rosa". All were inspired by Balenciaga creations.

Attendees recieved a miniature Balenciaga book as table gift and a velvet burn-out swing coat.

The meal gift was a day wear fashion set, part of the event gift set.