Golden Gate Glamour Wrap Up

Hi guys!
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

I want to take a moment to give much overdue thanks to you all for helping make Sandra Stillwell Presents 10th Anniversary celebration, "Golden Gate Glamour", a resounding (sold out!) success!!

Golden Gate Glamour was such an overwhelmingly positive --- yet emotional --- experience for me that it takes a bit to gather my feelings on it all.

My gratitude is, at times, all consuming and I find myself staring at a blank page because mere words of thanks seem simply insufficient.

Over the years I've received many expressions of thanks for the fun experiences and gifts connected with "Sandra Stillwell Presents" conventions. It means more than you'll know to hear how my events have impacted lives. Still, I can't help but feel that the true gifts are not those I give through conventions, but the gifts that have been afforded me every step of the way.

"Golden Gate Glamour" has been one such gift. Though it was my "baby", the convention became so much more than my dream. I felt as if, once in San Francisco, it was lifted from my hands and delivered to all of you who made it successful...each conventioneer, guest, speaker, manufacturer, vendor, the hotel -- and especially my incomparable volunteer staff-- everyone who played a part in making the event so very special. You gifted me in immeasurable ways.

Our ten year retrospective could not have been more meaningful, as highlights of fun times and bittersweet remembrances of missing friends and loved ones who graced our lives over the past years rolled across the screen.

Surrounded by friends... both old and new -- in attendance, in spirit, or following along from home -- I felt truly embraced by love.

I am humbled by the high praise and compliments for the Golden Gate Glamour collection. It is very meaningful to me that the fashions bring everyone such joy.

I share credit for collection with many:
Not only was I inspired by "The Master", but I was also blessed to work with several wonderful factories, workrooms and sample makers this year....not to mention dear friends who generously donated their time to make accessories and were always there to bounce ideas off of.

When creating the Balenciaga inspired collection, it was my hope that fellow collectors would feel like children at Christmas when they opened their gift boxes and be inspired to spend hours at "play" with the many different pieces. From the fabulous pictures I see posted online, I'm delighted that you are doing just that!

I couldn't have wished for a more perfect setting than San Francisco for my "Sandra Stillwell Presents" 10th Anniversary Celebration! It's easy to understand how it came be known as "America's favorite city"!

From the gracious San Francisco people, the warm and accommodating hotel staff, knowledgeable docents and interesting tour guides...and especially the enthusiastic bay area collectors ...everyone we met in San Francisco made us feel most welcome in their beautiful city.

So...once again, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to the city of San Francisco and everyone involved in making "Golden Gate Glamour" what I envisioned it to be.

Special thanks to both George Gonzales of Angelic Dreamz and the JamieShow team for our stunning Golden Gate Glamour Sasha. It was a pleasure and privilege to collaborate with these wonderful people on our second exclusive Sandra Stillwell Presents JamieShow centerpiece doll.

Most notably, my deepest and undying gratitude to my volunteers...dear friends who worked tirelessly to make my vision a reality. As always, I couldn't have done it without you!

Thank you all for the beautiful ending to my first decade of organizing conventions. It has been my privilege, indeed.

Here's looking forward to another decade of fun, friendship and wonderful convention experiences in new cities...and who knows...maybe a return to a few favorite places!

If any of you have any suggestions of where you would like to go in future years, please drop me a line! I love chatting with you all!

I truly did leave a little piece of my heart in San Francisco, and am already contemplating our next visit...!

Until next time...