Radio Days Friday Dinner & PJ Party

At the Airwaves to the Stars dinner, guests received a mini "Cincinnati Radio" book. As a special treat, Horsman's Dorinda Balanecki shared a rare glimpse into the production of  Vita, followed by George Sarofeen's presentation on his illustrious history with Gene/Ashton Drake and now Horsman - complete with a beautiful display of his designs.

The Centerpieces were:
The Big Broadcast

Airwaves to the Stars

Over the Airwaves

Optional purchase items were:
Grand Silhouette

Elegance Defined

Everyone will receive the lovely Deco inspired Huntress.

Shortly following dinner, attendees donned their best PJ's for the Studio Commissary PJ Party. Three lucky contestants played a game of "Let's Make a Deal' followed by a best PJ contest. The Studio Commissary provided movie candy for all and the Doris Day film "My Dream is Yours" was shown.

Photos by Jeff Lega & Sue T.