Holiday request....

Hello friends!
I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!
I've enjoyed a wonderfully productive, whirlwind December -- including work, travel and friends -- and I'm excited to report that our 2014 Sandra Stillwell Presents convention announcement will be forthcoming VERY soon!!
But, today I'm reaching out to tell you about a true Christmas blessing bestowed on one of our doll friends, Kim Hayes (Kim in Ohio), who some of you may remember from the early Gene years and boards, or my "Radio Days" convention -- and how we might play a small part in this miracle for Kim...
After 4 years on the transplant list, Kim's young daughter, Tiffany Greer, got the long awaited call that lungs were available, and underwent a double lung transplant on December 10th.
But with blessings can also come challenges -- and though Tiffany is progressing well, there is a long road ahead for all involved.
Kim is having to take unpaid time off from work to be by her daughter's side now, at the hospital, and afterwards to care for her during the long healing process.
The hospital is in Cleveland -- over 200 miles from Kim's home in Dayton -- so the travel and lodging expenses are mounting.
After being discharged, there will be many hospital follow ups, and Tiffany must stay within 15-20 minutes away from the medical center for 6-8 weeks while her recovery continues.
And, meanwhile, Kim's rent and living expenses in Dayton continue.
In addition, there will be various uncovered medical expenses and other mounting needs...
So, though it's something I've never done before, I'm asking for your help -- I'm hoping our caring doll community can be of assistance to Kim and Tiffany.
No pressure -- I realize that money is tight for us all during the holidays, and it may not be possible for everyone to contribute. But donations of any amount -- no matter how big or small -- are greatly appreciated!!  
A Paypal account under the ID has been set up for donations to cover necessary expenses.
Or, if you would prefer to send donations through me, I'm happy to pass them along to Kim -- just please be sure to earmark them "For Kim Hayes".
For those of you who would like to follow Tiffany's progress, Kim posts updates on Facebook when she has the opportunity (Kim's facebook account in under Kim Stephens Hayes).
Though she's been lurking a bit more in recent years, Kim has touched a lot of lives and made many friends in the doll collecting community -- 
Just a little background on Kim, for those who might not be familiar...
Kim has been a long time doll collector --  as "Kim Kouture" in Gene's early years, she created exquisite doll fashions for our favorite star-- and, more recently, teamed with Jinky (Judy R) as one of the Studio Commissary "designer's of the month".
She has been active in many avenues of the doll collecting community, including Gene and other fashion dolls, Bleuette, French Fashion, and Wendy Lawton, among others.   
If you know of anyone else who might be interested in Kim and Tiffany's journey, please feel free to pass this information along...
I thank you all for your help!
Wishing you all a blessed holiday season....