BONO - Sunday Breakfast: Garden Party Farewell

The Sunday farewell breakfast featured the fashion Camellia Pink.

Attendees received Fleurty Girl

Attendees were able to purchase and prerder...

Blue Camellia

Joie de Vivre

Forget Me Not

Fetching Posies

Dan la Rue
Blue                                            Magenta

Dans la Jardin

Carousal Bar Aperitif

Royal Street Stroll

St. Charles Line

Garden District Gallery

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BONO - Saturday Night: PJ Party

Following dinner on Saturday, everyone donned PJ's for games and the helper draw. The centerpiece was Sweet Dreams Marilyn - Purple.

Everyone received a very special fashion, SWEET DREAMS MARILYN, in memory of our dear friend Marilyn Hook and gifted to attendees only.

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BONO - Saturday Dinner: The Belle of New Orleans

Saturday evenings dinner featured the Queen of the Carnival

Attendees received The Queens Regalia

Attendees will also receive The Belle of Now Orleans

Available for purchase and pre-order...

Costume de Rigueur - Pink

Costume de Rigueur - Green 

Costume de Rigueur - Gold

Bal Masque

Fleeting Moments
Aqua                                                                   Purple

Bella Dama

If Ever I Cease to Love

Violet Bouquet



Maid of the Court
photo to come

Merci Beaucoup

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BONO - Saturday Movie "Mardi Gras"

The Saturday Movie Break featured the film MARDI GRAS starring Pat Boone. Trent models the fashion Dance with a Move Star.

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BONO - Saturday Lunch: New Orleans Style

Lunch featured fashions related to New Orleans including the centerpiece Bed of Roses modeled by Gene.

Optional purchase and pre-order fashions included...

The Magic Season

The Magic Season - Plum

Frou-Frou                                        Southern Comfort

Crescent City Cutie

Vieux Carre

Jackson Square

Canal Street Clientele

There's No Place Like Holmes

The Peaceful One

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BONO - Saturday Breakfast: French Connections

The theme for Saturdays breakfast was French designers with the centerpiece Gene in Entre-nous.

Attendees received Ca C'est Bon

Also available for sale or pre-order...

Jolie Madame

Jolie Madamoiselle

Ca C'est Bon - Gold

Tres Bon

Mon Cher- White                                    Mon Cher - Coral

My Years & Seasons
Blue                                                        Purple



Pour Toujours

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